Informations for operators


Who should report to Serbian PRTR register?

Information to be provided for PRTR register is submitted in accordance with the Regulation on methodology for the development of national and local register of pollution sources and methodology for the type, method and timeline of data collection (“RS Official Gazette”, Nos. 91/2010, 10/2013 and 98/2016).

The data for the PRTR register submitted by companies and other legal entities and entrepreneurs that represent sources of pollution from various activities, described in Annex No.1. – List 1. List of activities and minimum limit values for reporting to the National Register of pollution sources.


What to report?

For the purposes of Registries, data on pollutants emitted into the environment, which are given in the Appendix. 2 – List of pollutants are collected.

Data on specific pollutants emitted into the air and water depending on the industry, given in the Appendix. 3 – List of pollutants emitted in the air depending on activity and Appendix. 4 – List of pollutants emitted in the water depending on activity are collected.

For the purpose of reporting on waste, data on the quantities and characteristics of non-hazardous and hazardous waste that is produced in plants of activities under Article 3 st. 1 and 2 of the Regulation are submitted.


When the deadline for the data submission is?

Data for PRTR register of pollution sources shall be submitted no later than 31 March of the current year, with the data from the previous year.


How to submit data?

Data for the PRTR register shall be submitted as follows:

  • Data input into the information system of the National register;
  • A set of forms printed directly from the information system of the National registry in paper form, properly signed and certified by the responsible person.